The Iraq Syndrome Revisited

In: The Art of Creating Power: Freedman on Strategy

Dunn, David

The UK, the European Union and NATO: Brexit’s Unintended Consequences

Global Affairs

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Shifting sands: the Shale revolution, US energy independence, and the geopolitical consequences

In: The USA and Canada 2017

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Summit Diplomacy

In: The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy

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Crisis Diplomacy

In: The Sage Handbook of Diplomacy

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US-UK Special Relationship

In: Oxford Bibliographies

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The Resilience of American power: The US energy revolution and its geopolitical implications in the twilight of the Obama era

In: USA and Canda 2016

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Shale Gas and the Revival of America Power: Debunking Decline

International Affairs [0020-5850]

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Transatlantic Relations and US Foreign Policy Under Obama

In: New Directions in US Foreign Policy

Dunn, David

Drone Use In Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism: Policy or Policy Component?

Journal of the Royal United Services Institute [0307-1847]

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