Improving city-scale measures of livable sustainability:

Cities [0264-2751]

Leach, Joanne | Lee, Susan | Hunt, Dexter | Rogers, Christopher

The hottest July day on the railway network; insights and thoughts for the future

Meteorological Applications [1350-4827]

Sakamoto Ferranti, Emma | Chapman, Lee | Quinn, Andrew | Lee, Susan | Jaroszweski, David

Dataset of the livability performance of the City of Birmingham, UK, as measured by its citizen wellbeing, resource security, resource efficiency and carbon emissions.

Leach, Joanne | Lee, Susan | Boyko, Christopher T. | Hale, James | Blunden, Luke

A comparison of energy systems in Birmingham, UK, with Masdar City, an embryonic city in Abu Dhabi Emirate

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews [1364-0321]

Braithwaite, Peter | Lee, Susan | Leach, Joanne | Rogers, Christopher

Advancing City Sustainability via Its Systems of Flows: The Urban Metabolism of Birmingham and Its Hinterland

Sustainability [2071-1050]

Lee, Susan | Quinn, Andrew | Rogers, Christopher

Measuring urban sustainability and liveability performance: the City Analysis Methodology

International Journal of Complexity in Applied Science and Technology [1740-0546]

Leach, Joanne | Braithwaite, Peter | Lee, Susan | Bouch, Christopher | Hunt, Dexter | Rogers, Christopher

A novel methodology for the application of middle-out, model-based systems engineering techniques for city waste management systems development

In: Proceedings INCOSE International Symposium 2015

Bouch, Christopher | Kenny, Richard | Hunt, Dexter | Wallace, Tommy | Rogers, Christopher | Lee, Susan

Critical infrastructures and sharing

In: Proceedings of the International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure 2015

Leach, Joanne | Bartle, Ian | Hale, James | Bouch, Christopher | Boyko, Christopher T | Lee, Susan | De Laurentiis, Valeria | Cavada, Marianna | Locret-Collet, Martin | Hunt, Dexter | Sadler, Jonathan | Rogers, Christopher

A Tale of Two Cities: A Study of the Energy Systems in Birmingham, an Industrialised City in central UK and Masdar City, a Developing City in the Middle East

Lee, Susan | Braithwaite, Peter | Severance, Steve | Leach, Joanne | Rogers, Christopher

Material Flow Analysis (MFA) for Liveable Cities

In: Proceeding of the 4th World Sustainability Forum 1-30 November 2014

Hunt, Dexter | Leach, Joanne | Lee, Susan | Bouch, Christopher | Braithwaite, Peter | Rogers, Christopher