Poly(acryloyl hydrazide), a versatile scaffold for the preparation of functional polymers: synthesis and post-polymerisation modification

Polymer Chemistry [1759-9954]

Crisan, Daniel | Creese, Oliver | Ball, Ranadeb | Brioso, Jose Luis | Martyn, Ben | Montenegro, Javier | Fernandez-Trillo, Francisco

Engineering Microbial Physiology with Synthetic Polymers

Chemical Science [2041-6520]

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In Situ Functionalized Polymers for siRNA Delivery

Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) [1433-7851]

Priegue, Juan M. | Crisan, Daniel | Martínez-costas, José | Granja, Juan R. | Fernandez-Trillo, Francisco | Montenegro, Javier