'A tradition in ceaseless motion': Critical Race Theory and black British intellectual spaces

Race Ethnicity and Education - 1/1/2012

Warmington, Paul


Divisions of labour: activity theory, multi-professional working and intervention research

Journal of Vocational Education and Training - 1/6/2011

Warmington, Paul


Some of my best friends are Marxists: CRT, sociocultural theory and the ‘figured worlds’ of race

In: Critical Race Theory in the UK: What is to be learnt? What is to be done? - 1/1/2011

Warmington, Paul | Pilkington, A | Hylton, K | Housee, S | Warmington, Paul

A very historical mode of understanding: examining editorial and ethnographic relations in The Primary (2008)

Paedagogica Historica - 1/8/2011

Warmington, Paul | Grosvenor, Ian


Education in motion: uses of documentary film in educational research

Paedagogica Historica - 1/8/2011

Warmington, Paul | Van Gorp, A | Grosvenor, Ian


Atlantic Crossings: International Dialogues on Critical Race Theory

- 24/8/2011

Warmington, Paul | Hylton, K | Pilkington, A | Housee, S

Taking race out of scare quotes: race-conscious social analysis in an ostensibly post-racial world

Race Ethnicity and Education - 1/9/2009

Warmington, Paul


Learning in and for Multiagency Working

In: Knowledge, Values and Education Policy: A critical perspective - 11/8/2009

Warmington, Paul | Daniels, HRJ | Porter, J | Lauder, H

Expansive learning, expansive labour: conceptualisingthe social production of labour-power within multi-agency working

In: Activity Theory in Practice: promoting learning across boundaries and agencies - 20/8/2009

Warmington, Paul | Leadbetter, Jane | Daniels, Harry | Edwards, Anne

Improving Inter-professional Collaborations. Multi-agency working for children’s wellbeing

- 1/2/2009

Edwards, Anne | Daniels, HRJ | Gallagher, T | Leadbetter, Jane | Warmington, Paul