Transport resilience to weather and climate: A perspective from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Avian Sensor Packages for Meteorological Measurements

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The hottest July day on the railway network; insights and thoughts for the future

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Water use of the UK thermal electricity generation fleet by 2050: Part 2 quantifying the problem

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Water use of the UK thermal electricity generation fleet by 2050: Part 1 identifying the problem

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Bond performance of Deep Embedment FRP bars epoxy-bonded into concrete

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Assessment and prediction of the impact of road transport on ambient concentrations of particulate matter PM10

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Hybrid Neural Networks and Boosted Regression Tree Models for Predicting Roadside Particulate Matter

Environmental Modeling & Assessment

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Analogues for the Railway Network of Great Britain

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Advancing City Sustainability via Its Systems of Flows: The Urban Metabolism of Birmingham and Its Hinterland

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