Children Living in Sustainable Built Environments

Christensen, Pia | Hadfield-Hill, Sophie | Horton, John | Kraftl, Peter

Children and Young People in Changing Urban Environments in the Majority World

In: Space, Place and Environment

Hadfield-Hill, Sophie

Children living with ‘sustainable’ urban architectures

Environment and Planning A [0308-518X]

Horton, J. | Hadfield-Hill, Sophie | Kraftl, Peter

CSR in India

Social Responsibility Journal [1747-1117]

Hadfield-Hill, Sophie

'Walking... just walking'

Social and Cultural Geography [1464-9365]

Horton, John | Christensen, Pia | Kraftl, Peter | Hadfield-Hill, Sophie

Children's experiences of participating in research: emotional moments together?

Children's Geographies [1473-3285]

Hadfield-Hill, Sophie | Horton, J

Living on a building site: Young people’s experiences of emerging ‘Sustainable Communities’ in England

Geoforum [0016-7185]

Kraftl, Peter | Christensen, Pia | Horton, John | Hadfield-Hill, Sophie

Living in a sustainable community: new spaces, new behaviours?

Local Environment [1354-9839]

Hadfield-Hill, Sophie

Children, young people and sustainability: introduction to special issue

Local Environment [1354-9839]

Horton, J | Hadfield-Hill, Sophie | Christensen, P. | Kraftl, P.

The Greening of Project Finance

Geography Compass [1749-8198]

Hadfield-Hill, Sophie