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Maritime Moving Target Localization Using Passive GNSS-based Multi-static Radar

Antoniou, Michail | Cherniakov, Mikhail | Ma, Hui | Stove, Andrew
Publication overview:
This paper examines the potential in extracting the
instantaneous location of maritime moving targets using a passive
multi-static radar with Global Navigation Satellite Systems
(GNSS) as illuminators of opportunity and a single receiver. The
paper presents a theoretical framework for the localization of a
moving target from a set of bistatic range measurements. The
algorithm and its predicted accuracy are presented. The
localization is achieved by what is essentially a multi-lateration
technique, which can be applied while the transmitting platform is
also in motion. The algorithms and the accuracy predictions, as a
function of the number of transmitters, have been experimentally
confirmed via a dedicated experimental campaign, where two
different maritime targets were detected by up to 12 GNSS
satellites belonging to different satellite constellations (GPS,
GLONASS and Galileo) simultaneously. To the best of the
authors’ knowledge, these are the first results of their kind and on
this scale not only for GNSS-based passive radar, but for
multi-static radar in general.

Article (Peer-reviewed) -- 2017